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Curator Tour & Artist Talk with Thea Clark
Tuesday, November 10, 10-11am
Join us for a tour of “The (Not So) Secret Life of Plants,” led by Director & Curator Anonda Bell, followed by an artist talk with Q&A by Thea Clark.

The Feminist Art Project: Pecha Kucha
Wednesday, November 11, 630-8pm
The Paul Robeson Galleries and The Feminist Art Project New Jersey will be hosting an event in the fast-paced Pecha Kucha tradition, in which each presenter shows 20 images on a screen for 20 seconds each, each presentation lasting 7 minutes.  Anonda Bell will moderate the evening, introducing speakers and convening a discussion after the presentations.  This will be followed by an informal reception, a chance to meet, chat, and network.  It is a great way to get a sense of who is doing what, a chance to share ideas and receive feedback.  Presenters: Jeanne Brasile, Anne Dushanko Dobek, Leslie Sheryll, Connie Tell, Adrienne Wheeler, Scot J. Wittman, Gail Winbury.

Concert of Flute and Classical Guitar leighann
Thursday, November 19, 10-1130am
Rutgers University-Newark presents a concert of Music for Guitar and Flute in the Paul Robeson Gallery featuring Rutgers-Newark classical guitarist Leighann Narum, and Sara J. Berger, flautist.