We live in a world mediated by images, goading us toward certain desires and consumer behavior. Understanding art and its construction helps us appreciate and critically evaluate not only art and the pleasures associated with it, but also the society that makes them possible. Discussions of art and exhibition themes provide opportunities to engage individuals on diverse subjects including history, science, literature, and language arts.

Many of our education programs can be held either at the Paul Robeson Galleries or offsite at your institution. Programs are offered year-round.

Educational Programs offered include:
Visual Vistas – early education, ages 2-5
Looking Lens – elementary education, grades K-6
Art in Society – middle and high school education, grades 7-12
Art Moves – all ages, serving those in community organizations, health care, retirement, or corrections facilities
Exhibition Tours – all ages

All programs are offered free of charge. To make a booking or for more information, please contact Caren King Choi at 848 4450 0506 or