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Criminal Justice Gallery

Sep 06 2016 - Dec 22 2016

Partner in Crime

Josh Begley, "Prison Map," 2014, c-print, 60”x66 ½”, courtesy of Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco

Josh Begley, “Prison Map,” 2014, c-print, 60”x66 ½”, courtesy of Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco

Curated by Shlomit Dror

“The exhibition Partner in Crime explores data visualization of crime mapping and incarceration. Exhibited in the Department of Criminal Justice’s gallery at Rutgers University’s Newark campus, the works in this show were created by professionals from different disciplines, who by addressing the size and scope of America’s prison system, offer an alternative analysis and approach to the traditional way in which crime and geography are often linked. Using open-source data, census records, law enforcement resources, and other online platforms, these practitioners present an unconventional way of looking at crime-related data and hotspot mapping. Seeking a more in depth evaluation of geography, crime and imprisonment, the works presented in this show problematize the traditional views of crime mapping and offer a reform on data reading, raising the following questions: What is the correlation between crime, neighborhoods and mass incarceration? What does the geography of incarceration in the US actually look like? Where do crimes happen and why? What do we know about incarceration rates? And whether prison populations and proliferation of correctional facilities can be reduced?”

-Shlomit Dror