Upcoming Exhibitions

Clusters- BA Graduate Exhibition


Bachelors of Art Graduate Exhibition
Opening reception Thursday April 27, 5pm-7pm
Exhibition will be on display in the Paul Robeson Galleries Campus Center, April 27 to May 11, 2017

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Rutgers University- Newark is proud to showcase a cluster of art works made by this year’s graduating seniors.

Works vary from illustrations to paintings.

Elaine Reinoso – Sketch Artist & Painter

Exhibiting “Fluidity”, a series of large abstract images of the sky

and water made entirely of colored pencils and pastels.


Andreà Cassar – Painter & Sculptor

Exhibiting “What’s Under the Make-up?”, a series of cartoon

sketches of the 2016 Presidential Election made out of lipstick.


Desireè Montalvo – Illustrator & Painter

Exhibiting “Beyond the Wall”, a series of paintings depicting the

narrative of four characters traveling through a mysterious land.


Jennifer Edhomeriegue – Illustrator

Exhibiting “Anybunny”, a collection of illustrations showcasing the variety of the illustrator’s skills.

Lauren Treadwell – Illustrator & Watercolor Artist

Exhibiting “Tale of the Forest Folk”, a collection of watercolor art

works illustrating mystical beings from the Forest.