Upcoming Exhibitions

Main Gallery

May 01 2014 - May 15 2014

Graphic Design Senior Portfolio Exhibition

Graphic Design Invite Final 4 2 14-1

Opening reception May 1, 2014, 5-7pm

An annual exhibition of work from the professional portfolios of graduating Graphic Design students at Rutgers University, Newark.  Graphic Designers in this exhibition: Bryan Choi, Neil Cuzo, Christian Guerrero, Princess Hickmond, Marcos Hallo, Robert Jejenich, Barrington McGregor, Max Birioukov, Ramon Salcedo, Anya Semenova, Lala Shahsamand, Mark Spelker

May 22 2014 - Jul 24 2014

In Site: The Creative Process in Plain View

Opening Reception Thursday, May 22, 2014, 5-7pm

Unlike other shows, there are no completed artworks in this exhibition.  This display is instead intended to provide insight into the creative processes of a number of contemporary artists.  Each artist has been allocated a uniform allotment of space and within this zone they have placed pictures, objects, equipment, tools, materials and substances that relate to their own unique creative process.  How inspiration and process figures in the creation of artworks can be mundane or mysterious, profound or perfunctory.  Viewing this exhibition will provide a small glimpse, some tiny insights, into the workings of the artistic mind.

Sep 02 2014 - Sep 11 2014

From There to Here: Migration & Immigration

Opening Reception Sept 11, 2014, 5-7pm

Moving from a home country to another is an experience unlike any other. There are many reasons that people choose, or are forced, to undertake such an act. This exhibition will focus on the work of artists who explore all aspects of the migrant and immigrant experience.