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Jan 20 2015 - Apr 01 2015

Empire of Dirt

Dirt, a substance so common that it is known to all regardless of location.  It may be dust, soil, earth, clay, loam, grime, silt, filth or mud.  It is a substance reviled by some as a marker of poor hygiene, or cherished by others who grow plants.  Dirt is waste, excrement, rubbish, bacteria, it is also a humble foundation for mighty buildings.  In the home or laboratory a constant battle with dirt is waged.  This exhibition will expand the dialogue on dirt.  This open call is for artists whose work uses dirt or dust as the medium, or refers to dirt in any manner.

This group exhibition will be accompanied by an exhibition catalog.


Orbit 1

Jan 20 2015 - Jul 30 2015

Healing Through Art: A Collaborative Exhibition

This juried exhibition is a collaboration between the Healing Arts Program of Atlantic Health System and Paul Robeson Galleries of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey – Newark Campus.  To celebrate their shared vision for art and its engagement with the community, Healing Arts and Paul Robeson Galleries invite artists from the community and around the world to share their vision of the restorative effects of art. Many artists have experienced art-making as a healing tool to help them navigate through life’s physical and emotional difficulties and to improve their spirit and well-being.

Artists in this exhibition: Mini Arora, Sandra Deanda, Jane Dell, Chloë Feldman Emison, Rida Fatima, Michael S. Fenton, Kate Matthiesen, Trung Pham, Kathleen Rebek, Karen Starrett, Ellen Waldstein, Florence Weisz, and Jave Yoshimoto.

Jane Dell, "Enough," 2013, watercolor ink, collage on mylar, 19 1/2"x14 1/2", courtesy of the artist

Jane Dell, “Enough,” 2013, watercolor ink, collage on mylar, 19 1/2″x14 1/2″, courtesy of the artist