Sojourn: Linda Hu & Krissia Thaiane

Sep 02, 2014 - May 16, 2015

Sojourn Fall 2014_Invite 5_v2-1

Though vastly different in style and medium, both Linda Hu and Krissia Thaiane’s practices are marked by a meditative, progressive building-out from simplicity to complexity.  These two emerging artists are recent graduates from Rutgers University-Newark’s Department of Arts, Culture and Media.

The bulk of Linda Hu’s work consists of traditional pen and ink on paper.  The black and white drawings expose a practice that is obsessive and precise, with complex detail rippling outward from a foundational framework.  The long periods of strenuous and meditative concentration, she writes, “provide the time and quiet for me to construct connections with people, ideas, environments.”

Krissia Thaiane writes, “My work explores the strength and frailty of the fabric of family and tradition through knitted industrial materials.”  Each individual knot is magnified by the ponderousness of the materials and multiplied by the outsized act of knitting, drawing attention to the relationship between part and whole.