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Artist Talk with Beverly Naidus, Thursday, October 9 @ 2.30pm

For almost three decades, Beverly Naidus’s art practice has intertwined the roles of activist, educator, writer, and interdisciplinary artist.  Her mediums have ranged from interactive, site-specific installations to digitally rendered artist’s books.  Inspired by lived experience, she has made art about the ecological crisis, healing body hate, cancer and environmental illness, the alienation of consumer culture, the shame and pride of being “other,” the nightmare of nuclear war, the despair of unemployment, ways to breathe through and find hope in the midst of great suffering, and envisioning a sane, just and ecological future.  She is the author of several books, including Art For Change: Teaching Art Outside the Frame.

Artist Talk with Jenny Polak, Thursday, October 23 @ 2.30pm

Jenny Polak uses the vocabulary of architecture in her artistic practice, which includes installations, drawings, web-based work, and interactive objects.  She created the fictional firm, Design for the Alien Within, “to promote hypothetical hiding and dwelling places for people without immigration documents.”  Polak’s work has been featured in interviews with the Bad at Sports website, reviews in the New York Times and the Brooklyn Rail, and more.

Artist Talk with Mina Zarfsaz, Thursday, October 30 @ 11.45am

Visual artist, designer, and researcher Mina Zarfsaz incorporates elements of linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, and psychology in her artistic practice.  She writes, “My work seeks to invert common tools of social control to create dialogue, exchange critical perspectives, generate questions and ideally inspire subjective action.”  Her work has appeared in exhibitions at Broadway Gallery, Time Square Museum, New York State Museum, Plattsburgh State Art Museum, and others. Zarfsaz is the founder/creative director of MZ Studio, a self-initiated studio dedicated to foster creative exploration.


Jessica Lagunas giving an artist talk during the 2014 exhibition "Hair"

Jessica Lagunas giving an artist talk during the 2014 exhibition “Hair”

For each exhibition, the PRG invites participating exhibition artists to speak about their work, philosophies, and processes.  Each artist talk may also include an introduction and exhibition overview by the Director/Curator of the Paul Robeson Galleries, and is followed by a question-and-answer session.  These talks are scheduled according to level of interest and speaker availability.  If your group or class is interested in scheduling an artist talk, please contact Caren King Choi at 973 353 1625 or