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Dec 20 2018 - May 24 2019

Jaimee Todd: Fluid Resistance: Heroism in Two Acts

Jaimee Todd, Nurtured , 2018, digital photography collage, 18 x 15 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

CJ Gallery, Center for Law and Justice, Rutgers University – Newark

Fluid Resistance: Heroism in Two Acts features a selection of recent work by Jaimee Todd. Of her work, the artist states:

“I specialize in Inkscape photography, which involves photographing ink and acrylic paint submerged in water. I frequently combine these abstract images with portraits of people from the African Diaspora. In my Black Superheroes series, I focus on Black civil rights icons whose portraits I abstract as a way to signify the magnitude of their heroism. My other series, Belle Noir, is a celebration of Black womanhood. In this context, I use my abstracts to highlight the complexity of Black women and challenge society’s insistence on rendering them invisible. Black women have historically been misrepresented in mainstream culture and my work endeavors to honor their intelligence, beauty, vulnerability and bravery.”

Jaimee Todd lives and works in New York City. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and her law degree from the University of Miami School of Law. Todd’s work has been shown at the Mint Museum, Charlotte; The National Black Theatre, New York; and the New York Mercantile Exchange, as well as in a number of private galleries. She is a regular contributor to Postcards From the Edge, an annual charity benefit that supports New York City artists living with HIV/AIDS. Her video installations have also been used to highlight the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Todd has been published in MfonWomen Photographers of the African Diaspora and RadarStation magazine.

Oct 18 2018 - Mar 21 2019

Genesis Tramaine: I SURRENDER: Letter of faith, includes 5 Devotional self portrait paintings Which are Offerings of gratitude :: to my guiding fe:male spirits

Genesis Tramaine, With Grace’ from the series Birthing Self – I surrender to the vision that I don’t see. The one God has for me. SELF Portrait Series, 2018, oil pastels, acrylic, and paint stick, courtesy of the artist

On view at Paul Robeson Campus Center Gallery (350 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., First Floor)
Opening reception: October 18th from 5 to 7 o’clock in the evening, with an artist talk at 5:30 p.m. | RSVP on Facebook | Download Press Release

Genesis Tramaine: I SURRENDER: Letter of faith, includes 5 Devotional self portrait paintings Which are Offerings of gratitude :: to my guiding fe:male spirits presents a selection of recent works by Genesis Tramaine. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Tramaine is a highly motivated, self-identified Black- Queer- Female- bodied Urban Expressionist and Educator. She creates abstract portraits of men and women who transcend gender, color, and social structures as political or representative. Through a mixture of collage, acrylic, and oil based mediums, Tramaine’s portraits are layer upon layer of real moments and imagined metaphors. She explores ethics and insanity, the mundane and the inhumane, spirituality, and sexuality. The artist digests the everyday experiences of living and serving in disenfranchised communities and regurgitates it as work that evokes déjà vu, beckoning memories of past lives and glimpses of undiscovered futures.

I SURRENDER is the culmination of Tramaine’s six-month residency at the Paul Robeson Galleries at Express Newark. The Artist-in-Residence is selected by a jury of art professionals and receives a stipend and free studio located in the former Hahne and Co. Department Store. During their six-month tenure, the artist is an active member of the dynamic community of Express Newark and Rutgers University – Newark.

Oct 04 2018 - Mar 16 2019

Body Anomaly: Arts Unbound

Rosary Solimanto, Armor of Adaptation: Vulnerability, 2017

On view at the Window Gallery, Express Newark
Opening reception: October 18th from 6 to 8 p.m. | RSVP on Facebook

Participating artists: Sybil Archibald, Monica Chulewicz, Maria Mineo, Katinka Neuhof, Theda Sandiford, Rosary Solimanto
Curator: Celene Ryan, Director of Artist Development, Arts Unbound

Body Anomaly: Arts Unbound includes six woman artists who each have a physical disability, a body glitch. Each reveals a complex relationship to their physical anomaly through their art; living with physical limitations, physical and emotional pain, body shape and image differences, and discrimination. Each artist examines how to work with, adapt to, and negotiate their unique physical anomaly, visible or – as for four of the artists – invisible, informs their art making.

Body Anomaly: Arts Unbound demonstrates that the experience of having a disability is met with broad and layered spectrum of emotional and philosophical approaches. Through the wide scope perspectives presented in the art, this exhibition aims to broaden and deepen our understanding of what “disability” means for an individual.

Arts Unbound is dedicated to the artistic achievement of people living with disabilities and to the continuing artistic enrichment of seniors. They provide visual arts education and professional development to help emerging artists compete on the retail market. By promoting the work of artists with disabilities and seniors, Arts Unbound centers their art-making rather than any impairments and by doing so challenge the stigma associated with disability and aging.

Sep 01 2018 - Feb 23 2019

Kevin Blythe Sampson: Olde Soul

The Box Gallery
54 Halsey Street, 3rd Floor | Newark, NJ 07102

Photo of Kevin Blythe Sampson by Cesar Melgar

Opening reception: October 18th from 6 to 8 p.m. | RSVP on Facebook

Kevin Blythe Sampson in conversation with Renee Stout on October 25th at 6 p.m.

Download Exhibition Information & Checklist

Olde Soul presents a selection of rarely-seen drawings by Kevin Blythe Sampson, alongside early mixed-media sculptures and ephemera from the artist’s studio.

The son of a civil rights leader, Sampson was raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He initially trained with and joined the New Jersey police force as a sketch artist and served for eighteen years, ten of which were spent police sketching. A series of family tragedies eventually compelled him to heal himself by making art.

“I am a member of my community, and my job is to get their hopes, dreams, loves, and hates out there,” Sampson has said of his practice. “It’s my obligation. I go out in the streets. I run my mouth all day long. I fi nd out what people are thinking about most things. I try to fi nd out the real stories behind people’s lives. I need all of them to make my day and to make a piece of work.”

This exhibition is held in dialog with the large-scale survey exhibition, Kevin Sampson: Black and Blue, on view at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, from September 28, 2018, to January 27, 2019.

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