Body Anomaly: Arts Unbound

Oct 04, 2018 - Mar 16, 2019

Rosary Solimanto, Armor of Adaptation: Vulnerability, 2017

On view at the Window Gallery, Express Newark
Opening reception: October 18th from 6 to 8 p.m. | RSVP on Facebook

Participating artists: Sybil Archibald, Monica Chulewicz, Maria Mineo, Katinka Neuhof, Theda Sandiford, Rosary Solimanto
Curator: Celene Ryan, Director of Artist Development, Arts Unbound

Body Anomaly: Arts Unbound includes six woman artists who each have a physical disability, a body glitch. Each reveals a complex relationship to their physical anomaly through their art; living with physical limitations, physical and emotional pain, body shape and image differences, and discrimination. Each artist examines how to work with, adapt to, and negotiate their unique physical anomaly, visible or – as for four of the artists – invisible, informs their art making.

Body Anomaly: Arts Unbound demonstrates that the experience of having a disability is met with broad and layered spectrum of emotional and philosophical approaches. Through the wide scope perspectives presented in the art, this exhibition aims to broaden and deepen our understanding of what “disability” means for an individual.

Arts Unbound is dedicated to the artistic achievement of people living with disabilities and to the continuing artistic enrichment of seniors. They provide visual arts education and professional development to help emerging artists compete on the retail market. By promoting the work of artists with disabilities and seniors, Arts Unbound centers their art-making rather than any impairments and by doing so challenge the stigma associated with disability and aging.

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