Empire of Dirt

Jan 20, 2015 - Apr 01, 2015

Allison Cekala, “Untitled No. 3, Boston, MA,” 2013, archival inkjet print, framed, 19 ½”x29”,
courtesy of the artist

Dirt is a substance so common that it is known to all. It may be dust, soil, earth, clay, loam, grime, silt, filth, or mud. It is waste, excrement, rubbish, and bacteria. It is reviled and cherished, an enemy in the home or laboratory and a foundation for plant life and mighty buildings. Includes the work of Kim Abeles, Allison Cekala, Wim Delvoye, Alisha McCurdy, Laura Moriarty, Nancy Ori, Alexandre Orion, Dorene M. Quinn, Raquel Rabinovich, and Shelby Shadwell. This exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with contributions by Katherine Ashenburg, Anonda Bell, Caren King Choi, William Bryant Logan, Vin Ryan, and Nükhet Varlick.

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